God – Always There for Us

9 11 2012

The answer to all problems is easy. All you have to do is call out to God for help. Some Christians forget that God is the answer to all our problems. We need to realize that God is always there for us whenever we need him and that he is standing over us and protecting us.

The way we plead to God is much like the way the Narnians plead to Aslan. God protects us just like Aslan protects the Narnians. For instance, whenever Tirian cried out to Aslan to save him. Tirian cried out, “Aslan! Aslan! Aslan! Come and help us now” (Lewis 52). This is almost parallel to how we plead out to God when we need his help desperately. Also, in The Last Battle is an evidence that shows the Narnians know Aslan is their protector. This shows when Tirian says, “But courage, child. We are all between the paws of the true Aslan” (Lewis 134). This is also alike to how God is watching over and protecting us. Now that you know this, the next time you have a problem just ask God for help as the Narnians did.

The Bible also states many times that God is the answer to everything and that he is our protector. For example in 1 Corinthians 10:13 where it tells us that God will help us when we are tempted to do evil and that he will always offer an escape from sin. This is one of the many evidences of God helping and protecting us. Also, in the most known story in the Bible, God sent his one and only son to die on the cross all for our salvation (John 3:16). When God did this he was once again protecting us from harm so that we did not suffer from the consequences of sin. This is all important because without God we have no one to go to when we are in harm’s way.

God will always be there when we are in trouble or need someone to protect us. We need to realize this and need to thank God constantly for doing this for us. God loves us so much that he will help us out with all our problems.

Evan P.

7th Grade, Westminster Christian Academy

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20 responses

12 11 2012
Levi Alldredge

levi l. 7th
I can apply this truth to my life by calling out to God when I need him. For example if I don’t feel really good about the test I can call on him. Another example is if somebody is being mean to you, you can pray for that person to find God. I think the devotion was chosen because his examples were really clear, and the devotion was easy to read. I thought Evan’s example of Tirian crying to Aslan when he was tied to the tree was a good support for the thesis. This is because we also need to call to God when we are in difficult times. This topic was important to me because I need to call on God everyday. In conclusion I want to say that this devotion was very inspirational.

12 11 2012
mollie o.

i really liked this devotion because it is so true to life… God really is always there for us. but just as the author says you can’t just recieve God, you have to come to Him. sometimes i do forget that i can call on God, and i try to fix my own problems. i forget that my God can protect me. it almost reminds me of like a therapist. God is the therapist, but we will never get to see Him or get our problems solved unless we make an appointment. it’s like we need to make an appoinment with God and call out to Him for help. The Lord helps us and loves us anways, but we still need to maintain a strong relationship with Him so we can learn how to live. instead of desperately beggin for help while in need, call out to God all the time, in need or not. great job with the devotion Evan!

13 11 2012
Nikki B. 4th

When I read this it makes me truly feel how much God and Aslan care for their people. God even goes so far as to let his son, Jesus, die on the cross to save us from suffering. I am very glad he included this in the third paragraph. I agree that God will always be there for us. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how he included that we should be thankful to God for this. Even though that wasn’t the main topic, I’m so glad he included it. Honestly, we forget to thank God and we take advantage of what He does for us. We overlook his love and mercy. Sometimes we just… expect it! Even though we don’t deserve it. Good TLB devotion!

13 11 2012
Logan M. 3rd

This devotion is a great reminder for me. Sometimes I find myself going along and doing things all by myself. That can get me into a deeper hole. I forget that God is with me and is there for me when I need him. Reading my Bible and praying helps me. I find my relationship with God is stronger when I focus on him and his word. Then when I have hard times, I can rely on him instead of myself. If I do this every time I am having a bad day or if something is bothering me then, I won’t have to worry about so many things.

14 11 2012
Dominic C 4

I really enjoyed this devotion because of the great examples provided. The John 3:16 referencing really supported your thesis well. It supported it so greatly because it really showed how God is always there for us and how he sent his one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. Another one of your examples I enjoyed was the 1 Corinthians 10:13. I thought that was a great example because of how true it really is. I think that all Christians can apply this devotion to their lives. I think that because sometimes we forget about God. As Christians we also need to rely on Jesus in all that we do no matter what the situation. Overall I think this is a great devotion that should be read by Christians around the world, Great job Evan

14 11 2012
Taylor S. 5th

This is such a great devotion because it is one of the most important things about knowing God and it is one of the coolest things about having a relashonship with him. What other watches over and swners the cries of his people? I think this is something that many of us forget. We all get caught up on being so inderpendent like we dont need anyone in our lives to help us but the reality is that we need God in our lives. We have a God who watches over us and cares about us, isn’t that worth celebrating? I love that you used John 3:16 in your devotion bcause that is a verse that many people know so they can relate and understand what your trying to say. This is often somehting i forget. We have a God who hears our ciresand answers them, no matter how trivial or unimportant they may seem. This is somemthing I want to apply to my life by praying about anything even if i think it’s something that God isn’t concerned about. I’m also going to apply it by just remembering that I am in God’s hands and that he is watching over me. He will protect me from sin and lead me on the path he has laid down for me. Our loving Lord is willing to answer our cries and our prayers no matter how small they seem and that just shows how much he really cares.

14 11 2012
Erik B. 4th

For me, the more I think about this statement the more amazing it gets. God can never not be there for us. No matter what we do, he is staring at us right in the eye, making sure we’re doing the right thing, or going along the right path, or whatever. In the end, God is like our Aslan, just like Evan said. God is our protector, or bodyguard. Call out to God and He will be right by your side, looking out for you. If you look anywhere in the Bible, chances are you’ll see God protecting someone, or putting someone on the right track. He is everywhere in our lives. It is impossible to avoid Him, because he can’t stand to see us alone.

14 11 2012
Mallory H. 4th

If I am truly honest with myself, God is not my first idea when I am in a tough situation. Even when I am in a small situation, he is not the first thought, he is actually one of my last resorts. I am trying to change this though, as I start to read the bible more often and learn more about his strength. In the Bible there are so many scriptures that talk about God being bigger than everything and about God being able to do anything. I am going to be reading these more often, and reminding myself that God always has an answer and that he always knows where something is, or what is hurting someones heart. Sometimes when I am sitting there, mad at myself for not knowing where my phone is, I think “God doesn’t know where it is” and keep looking for it I usually don’t find it. On the other hand when I sit there and think “God KNOWS where it is” I usually end of finding it moments later. God knows everything, and can do anything and I need to remember that!

15 11 2012
Jonathan N.

I really thought that this was a well thought out paper. The pictures where perfect to relate to real life. They also showed how the Narnians where like Aslan very well. You had a very Bible scripture choice and I can tell you looked for the scripture. You showed very well that Aslan was there for the Narnians and if we ask God will be there for us. I especially like that because it is true but we may not think about it often. I thought even though everyone knows it that the John 3:16 was a really good choice for this paper In my opinion this is one of the better devotions that there where because you had a great thesis and you gave good details and support for it.

15 11 2012
Lydia S. 7th

Whenever I’m in trouble or feeling mad or sad, I need to stop and have a moment with God. He will help me calm down and regain my composure so that I won’t do anything sinful. Why? Because God loves me. I think this devotional was chosen to be published because it is very important to know that God will always protect us. We need to know that we can’t do everything by ourselves. God is there for us for a reason. Without Him we are nothing. Like the old song, “He’s got the whole world in his hands.” I realize this statement kind of goes with the quote Evan used from the book: “But courage, child. We are all between the paws of the true Aslan.” What I got from this was that we are all in God’s hands. I completely agree with this devotional. This reminds me of when my parents got divorced. I was really sad and I felt like the world was over. I’d always thought they’d be together forever. But what I need to do is trust that God will provide for me and that for whatever reason He is doing this, something good is going to come from it.

15 11 2012
Ashley Z. 5th

I choose this one for a reason. God is always there for us. Sometimes we may think that we are alone because maybe your friend got mad at you or you got a bad grade on an assignment or just had a really bad day, at at the end of the day you feel very alone and wondered what you did wrong deserve a day like this. I need to repeat it in my head that God is always there for us in good and hard times, and it isn’t that I deserve a bad day, it’s that I will have bad days and that God is there loving and guiding through that day. Having the feeling that God is there for you isn’t always the strongest. God created me and the spirit is alive in me and is never leaving me, I forget this some days. Our lives weren’t meant to be perfect and we need to realize that in life. God is not going to do everything for me, he is there to guide me. We only live one life and that life is not perfect.

15 11 2012
Elizabeth M. 3rd

I like this devotion a lot because I feel that Christians (including me) know that Gods there, but at times we look towards others or books or even electronics for help. I like how in this devotion the writer wrote about Aslan, and how he is similar to God. Aslan was there even when you couldn’t physically see him and same with God. Sometimes it takes hard times to realize and feel that Gods there and that he will always be there. When hard times come you can always call on God to help pull you out of the “mud” and onto “fresh” land, but even when there are tiny things we want, Gods always there to listen and help. I love how he explained that we should be thankful to God, because we often times don’t see the beauty of having a friend/Father always there for you any time of the day and be always willing to listen to you. Although we can’t see God through our physical eyes we can see him through prayer and the Bible. I forget a lot of times that I have a Lord and Savior there for me whenever we need Him, we are so blessed to know Gods there and to be able to talk to Him.

16 11 2012
Danielle L 4th hour

I really enjoyed this devo because God is always watching and protecting us every day. God is also looking at our thoughts. I definitely have a problem with this. I always think no one can see my thoughts but I am wrong God can see my thoughts. I also have a difficult time with giving God all of the glory, I usually do not give God the glory. It does not matter what it is, it could be homework. I need to thank God for everything I have instead of just asking for things. In conclusion, we need to thank God for everything we have.

15 11 2012
david m. 4th

This is an awesome devotion because it’s all true. God is everywhere watching us and protecting us. He is gracious in everything he does, just like Aslan. This is also cool because it is telling us that God will always be there. If you think about it God works in your life everyday if it’s writing a devotion to raking leaves. God is like Aslan. He is the only king and is perfect. We need to call him in tough times if it’s a hard time in school or to be a good sport. Sometimes we don’t call God in tough times and try to do it all by yourself but you need to go to God.

15 11 2012
Sam D. 1st

This is my favorite essay for several reasons. First, it was extremely well thought out and written. I really like his transitions, he had great adjectives, and good verbs. Another part I enjoyed was his thesis: “We need to realize that God is always there for us whenever we need him and that he is standing over us and protecting us.” It states the truth and is the focal point for the rest of his paper. Second, I appreciate the truth and need of this thesis. The truth is just like he said, “We do need to realize that God is always there for our support,” but rarely do we turn to him. Third his details, were great from both the Bible and this book. The most interesting detail was, “For example in 1 Corinthians 10:13 where it tells us that God will help us when we are tempted to do evil and that he will always offer an escape from sin.” This is the most interesting because there is clearly a quote from the Bible that most of us have probably looked over hundreds of times but never actually read it. We do need to follow Paul’s command here, and we don’t often. My hope is for all of us to follow this verse because of Evan’s paper.

16 11 2012
Erica S. 7

I like this devotion because it reminds me that God is always there to protect me and help me through the good and the bad. There are many ways which I can definitely apply this to my life. First, when I take a test, I can pray to God that I will remember all of the information and do well. Second, I can put my faith in God during sports games. Next time, when my team is loosing, I can ask God to help our team improve our game instead of relying on my own physical abilty and potentially being “too aggressive”. God is always there for us no matter what. Because of Him, there is no reason to be afraid. This devotion was probably published on the blog because it did a great job of explaining this message.

16 11 2012
Hannah V. 1st

This devotion was truly amazing and evryone should read it. It really helps to know that even when your going through a hard time for example if a family member is injured or if your parents are getting a divorce and you have to move, and you feel like no one cares. God cares and he wants you to talk to him when you feel alone. Also, everyone everyday puts things before God for example, homework. Sometimes where so wrapped up in our work that we don’t stop and take a second to have a nice little chat with the God. Whenever I do something good or help someone who looks sad I know God is working in me. I think Evan did an AMAZING job on this devotional.

16 11 2012
Bethany H. 3rd

This devo is very well written. The writter is very specific on what they want to say. They also make a good point about Aslan being like a God figure in this book. Aslan, like God, would never abandon his people. even if you sin against him he will still love you. He has already died on the cross and forgiven all your sins. the point is that God love you nd will never give you up for anything. I think this topic is a good thing to think about from day to day,

18 11 2012
Abigail H. 4th

I really REALLY like this devotion! He compared the book to God’s Word very very well. God is always here for us, even if we don’t feel like it. Aslan was always there for the Narnians, even if he wasn’t there physically. If you told God that you hated Him, He will still love you. If you disobeyed God, He will still love you. Theres nothing you can do that will make Him stop loving you. Just like it says in this well written devotion, God is always there for you, even if we turn our backs on him. That is why he is such an awesome and amazing God!

18 11 2012
Emily Zell

I love this because this message is a simple one but one we need to hear often. This devotion made me wonder if I completely trust Him to always be there. When I call out to God, sometimesHe doesn’t answer right away. When this happens I have a tendency to doubt God. When the Narnians called out to Aslan but they had not seen Him in a long time, they started to doubt him. But Aslan knew exactly when they needed him to help them. So why do we still doubt God? We see in the Bible that in says that God will never leave us or forsake us. I think we saw it but we don’t live it. We sit there all the time feeling sorry for ourselves. God has every second of our lives planed out and every second has a purpose.

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